Monday, April 14, 2014

Love gives

You don't keep the goodness or love, repartelo, turn, regalalo, but so that it is not just in it, because nothing will serve you tomorrow. We must not be selfish, leaves positive things in your walk through this life.


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Friday, April 11, 2014

You can't give what you don't have

Who can't be happy, can't give happiness,
who is not comfortable in life, it can make others feel good.
So there are people who spread their happiness as well as people who always have complaints and leave behind a long trail of bitterness.
                                 You can not give what you do have!
When you think about this phrase, I immediately think of the material things that each has, but this discussion is not about that, it's those who live always in a sad and cursing his "bad luck", because according to them everything they goes wrong. People always want things that are not within your reach, things that others have. People know when something has not appreciate it and just think they should have more.
Everything would be different if these people think for a minute that happiness and joy that you can get in life, give us the simple things, things that are always within reach, like a sunrise, enjoy watching a flower, see children laugh or just be grateful for what life has given you.
Such kinds of people, even if they show these things will not feel anything, they will have joy, and not achieve them smile with the things that you enjoy. You can enjoy those things because you are full of love, dreams, hope you feel happy inside and that's makes you a whole person.
-If you have love in your heart, you give love-
And now that's valuable.
Some people think that if a person is happy, you don't have problems. But not, clearly has problems, only he knows cope and although often strike hard pain in his heart, being a person full and nothing achieves full void your happiness, nor his composure to see life. Take everything bad as experience and know even succeed despite these problems everyday life gives us every day.


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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Learning to be Happy

Life is as you may want to do, nothing is easy, we are always with new challenges, and each day is an adventure. 
Many times the life hits us so heavily that it costs us to open our eyes in the morning, but in ourselves is the power to make our life something nice or opt not revert things that we go wrong. There are always things worth dreaming, because that will make us happy.

If for whatever reason the person with whom you've dreamed about and made plans have gone on your side, be happy will not be easy for you. In such a situation the only thing that you want to cry and not return to see the light of day.
But stop a moment and think: you've known, not born to his side; so if you already is not next to it is because the love that claimed to have for it was not such. You should think with the mind cold, there is to know close cycles and leave behind what makes you damage. For our sake we must move forward, because no one is obliged to love forever.

Life is and always will be beautiful, don't be impatient for everyday things, there will always be reasons for wanting to live, a person may not be everything you expect. Look around you, there are a lot of good people that is always ready to give you a hand when yours don't reach, someone is always with you, just don't realize because you have locked in his world and you have forgotten that you have one of your own.

You know, you know how you are, give yourself the opportunity to return to love, and I am sure that with the happiness that irradias sneak around to many people who will look forward to sharing your dreams, and because they do not, you can even your love. Enjoy every moment of your life, because they are unique, there will never be a day like the other, enjoy the wonders that there is in creation.Many people are sad and embittered by not look beyond their own frustrations, you are not of those people, take advantage of your life, ciutat fully since one only lives once.

Your partner should never be the center of your universe, we must learn to live our own lives, without the need for such "crutches". Think positive, think you're just big, that all the plans with the that one day your dreams you could reach them. You are a unique person, don't get tied down to things that are not for you, don't go life thinking and trying to recover what you have lost, thinks better in what you've earned.

Give yourself the permission to give free rein to your life, to smile, to live and laugh… Give yourself permission to cry, to love, forgive, forget and remember… never stop dreaming. Smile, that is something that is at your fingertips, no one can live the life for you, only you have real power in the way that you want to take.

Life is a single, if someone does not know you love, olvidale: you can have so much love as you want. If you are and you've been a good person, knowing life will reward you. One day I looked the dawn with new eyes, your life will be of many colors and you'll realize that you've learned to love you and valorarte to yourself. This will make the difference and it will be an independent person and secure.

Live one day at a time, be happy, that this is what is most important, the rest comes by addition.


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