Monday, April 20, 2015

"The routine of love"

It was one of those so many times that we talked about things without weights together, we talked about trivialities, and so we were discussing in platitudes.
Always in the expected to the long-awaited time to come out to my work, your to yours, where they will spend the hours noisily, and your, immutable sitting in the office looking after the window the daily life, without doing anything to change the same routine.
Your worrying read the newspaper to see the sport, baseball first, then all the others, although nor understand it, is only as usual throughout your life that is based on habits. Already in the afternoon the two ended up, we arrived tired and just wanted to comment on anything, just swim and eat and then as all the nights go to bed..
And so the days and endless without variation, exactly, as if time had stopped at our house. In order to rest, with the small range of treat of wanting to do the love, the same routine, same position, the same kisses, caresses the same, the same give and receive, the same desire to finish and rest.
What day and time that was lost, the passion, the desire, the desire to be together, the illusions, dreams of love? ... I believe was guilty life, work, the concerns, the desire to have a better carriage, a house best, left in darkness, our beautiful love.
What a shame… Let's see what has been of that couple that once sounded, with a happy home, only pure reeds in the hair, in your eyes tired of not enjoying life, a few pounds to more than indicate that until his weight was of the hands. And in his face a total boredom, and an unwillingness of the soul, a thousand frustrated hopes, and desires are desperate drowned for a long time, or died little by little and sadly in the routine.     

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**Love Chooses You**

If you're in love with a person who is not in love with you... do not blame yourself. There is nothing wrong with you, but they love not chose to rest in the heart of the other person.
If you find someone who is in love with you, and you do not love you, feel honoured that love came and knocked on his door, but sweetly rejects the gift that you can not return.
If you fall in love for someone, and this person falls for you also, love chooses to go... don't try to claim it or blame it, let it go. There is a reason and a meaning, in time you will discover.
Remember that you are not those who choose to love:
Love chooses you.

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

***At the beginning of the day***

At the beginning of each day, I will try to learn something new about me, about you, and about the world in which we live, so that you can continue feeling and all living things as if they would be born.
At the start of the day, I will remember to participate you my joy and my sorrow, so that we can know us better to the other.
At the beginning of each day, I will to really listen to you and try to understand your point of view, while I will try to give you mine of the milder form, recalling that both are growing and changing, and changing in a thousand different ways.
At the start of the day, I will remember that I am a human being and do not require of ti perfectly until I is perfect.
At the beginning of each day, I will take care I approached you and caress you with tenderness, because I don't want to stop feeling you.

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